A Close Friend..

I don't know why i'm doing this and non the less why and how I got to this site.. I was in search of helping a friend.. So yes I've been depressed before, but this story isn't about me today. It's about a close friend. She's the type who always gives advice. The one who's an expert at hiding her feelings, too well. She even fools me ! but I swear I try to understand her, listen and make the subject about her but somehow we always end up back to MY problems.. like, I just don't know how to help her. I try to understand her and give her space but it doesn't work. She's always "depressed" and I don't know what to do or how to help. I think she needs proffecianal help.. but how do I get there with her? school councelers were clearly no help, i'm certainly helpless, and the way she gets rid of her pain, is deff not helping..and her mom, the last person to count on .. so what do I do ? anyone… ?
TrueMeaning TrueMeaning
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012