The Break Up...

I have battled with Depression for over 15 years, and then about a month ago, the girl I  was in a committed relationship in for 7 years said she wanted to call it quits and just stay friends. I didn't take it well. I had a complete breakdown, and since then she is selling the house, spending every weekend with her ex, and staying the night on the weekends, I'm looking for an apartment, and we are sleeping in separate beds. I have been off work due to this, I see a therapist twice a week, and I feel no improvement....Sometimes I feel worse! I tried overdosing on my depression pills, cause I just wanted the pain to stop. Sometimes I feel like it just isn't worth it any more.

  That's my story.....

twisted22244 twisted22244
41-45, F
1 Response May 20, 2007

yea, that sucks. you really need to get her out of your house, I', sure its only making it worse to have to see her every day. we are here for you!!