Fighting Against Depression Since 15 Years Old..

ive been feeling better, but this time of the year is terrible for me.. I feel a lot worse and I just feel reaally heavy..
marihelena marihelena
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 21, 2012

Many struggle the most this time of year. I don't know if it's the Holidays or Seasonal depression disorder. Whatever it is, it makes you hurt inside.

That's the most frustrating part isn't it.....the ups and downs in that blasted roller coaster. Those few days with the very low lows. You took and are taking good steps already however. You didn't only already analyze it for what it is, you also got up the courage and post on a message board what you felt and that you could essentially use some help. Do you have any idea how much strength that takes :D I can really respect that!I never really got out of my own low-lows besides just coasting forward knowing it for what it was and that it would just be a phase, but it helps to find a little support to drown out the long time spans with some friends or just simple things you like to do. Sometimes even just sitting at the waterside or throwing a ball against the same wall for hours can do just that, it's silly but stupid things worked for me sometimes and I have no idea why.I just hope you can find what you need, but I still think that having come this far it won't be long before the victor realizes who's in charge when it comes to leading the show!I go with my hunches a lot and my money is on you for on this battle :3

thanks for the support