Dieing Inside

Im 18 years old and have suffered with depression since i was 14. i have days when im on top of the world and loving everything about life then other days i just dont want to be here. Its sooo hard!!! i just keep saying i cant do this anymore because i cant, i really cant.. Life itself is just so hard.. i dont see why people should go threw life angry, upset, depressed!! i want to be free like alot of other people do... i just dont know how to handle things at all anymore..

melimoo melimoo
18-21, F
1 Response May 21, 2007

Growing up, I had a pretty care free life. when I went off to college it changed alittle but not much. As soon as was out on my own this started to change for me. For some reason I always think back to my youger years when I feel myself getting down. I mean those years I never felt guilt, shame, anger, embarrasment I really felt carefree. It's hard to feel that way now. I know it seems like an easy proposition "Giving up". You need to know though that giving up is not an option for you. @ 18 yearsold you have so much to experience. Love yourself for awhile worry less about the things that are troubling you. Take some time for you, because you deserve it.