I Hate When It Comes Back

I am 52 and have had several bouts of depression in my life. Right now I am struggling to keep my boundaries up because I have a child that is 26 and struggling to find himself. As a woman, I find it difficult to protect those boundaries and yet it is a survival issue.

I took Effexor XR. Made me feel foggy. Just started taking Lexapro three weeks ago. Up to 15mg. Hope it works. Anyone else have success with Lexapro? How many weeks did it take for it to kick in for you?

Also not sleeping well. I think it is also hormonal. It's hard not having a full nights sleep.....

I would love some feed back from other women in my age group.

wanttofeelgood wanttofeelgood
51-55, F
May 21, 2007