I Battle Depression M

when it comes to depression i know first hand what it is like from attempeted suicide to drug use to alcoholism to being peeled of my bathroom floor rushed to the hospitial and being declared dead not once but 3 times it truly is a wonder i am alive now there is not a day i don,t lock my selve in my apt. and bar the windows up and i won,t eat or i womt ever move out side the door i just am in my own little world some that know me would say i really kneed help but i just deal with it that is why i love it here since i joined i never have time to think about being depressed but you know it is funny there are times when i feel like no one in the world notices me or even cares you see i have bi polar and adhd on top if it so you can just emagin what i go through being me mostly is not where i wanna be right now or any other time

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2008

Growing up is optional. Depression, PTSD etc are not a fun ride. Suicidal inclinations are part of it all.<br />
Look at my pictures. There is a girl, fireplug and a slowlearner pup that might give ya a grin. Lol<br />

Hey I'm Gabby I kinda go through the same thing I have depression bipolar and add its really hard oh and I have this sleeping disorder and some thing where I hear and see things that are not really there and I'm only in high school. I don't take my meds so that makes it even harder but i think that thats just me being a kid. I also think that part of me doesnt want to grow up