So Sad

I am so sad.....I have battled depression for years.  At 39 I just found out I am pregnant. This was not my life plan, but  I should be so happy!!!  I do already have  a 12 year old and a 13 year old.  They are not so excited either.  They know how babies are made now and that is GROSS!!!  I have been off my LExapro for 12 weeks now and the sadness is unbearable.  I do NOT want to be alone.  I do not want to do anything...  I have taken the summer off from working to spend time with my girls.  I have never been able to do that.  I will substitute teach when school starts back until Dec when my family will grow.  I feel bad because I really feel I need my antidepressants, but I do not want to hurt the baby.  Are  they safe?  Is the extreme sadness I feel any safer?  Unless you have ever felt this way, you would not understand.  No one around me suffers from depression.  That makes it hard to find someone to talk to.  My girls are leaving next week for camp and I feel I can't cope without them.  I know it is not fair for them to have to put up with me.  I just need help..
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Josie, I also think that you should talk to your doctor. Being depressed is not good either. Maybe there is some herbal remedy that you can take, but ask your doctor. They are suppose to help you. Don't give up until you get some help.<br />
Big hugs to you.<br />

Josie something you can do and something you should probably do immediately is talk to your doctor. I have heard of lower dosages being given to pregnant women. If it something you need to have in order to function I would make an appointment right away. Also getting in a group atmosphere would be a nice option for you. There are support groups in almost every city around the nation that allow you to share your experiences with others. It is a very good therepy and I really believe it would benifet your situation.<br />
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Let us know how you are doing from time to time. Even forums like this offer some type of relief.