Welcome to Depression

My story about depression is very hard for me to write. I  am a survivor of one of the darkest holes immaginable.I have battled depression a lot of my entire life and finally depession won for a season. I was 51 50. from my med nurses office taken by an officer who escorted me to an ambulance. I was taken to a holding psych ward that night about 10 pm was taken by ambulance to a psychiatric hospital several miles from my family. I cried for that entire day until late that night. Finally after several hours, i was given a bed, medicated. When i entered the room tearful and scared to death, the woman in my room says welcome to depression. I am learning so much about myself. Depression is chemical imbalanances of the brain, Also anger turned inward.I want to encourage all who suffer from this dark abyss called depression SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP PLEASE TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE AND BACK.
mother mother
61-65, F
May 22, 2007