I'm So Glad I'm Not Alone In This

I'm so glad you are all here.  Just an hour ago i was doing a google search about feeling blue and it lead me here. I've battled depression since my earliest memories. When I was 3 I can remember talking to my mom about not wanting to be in this life... she just got angry and said I was a morbid child. I feel like I'm disconnected from the world, like i'm on the outside looking in. *sigh* I take medication now, but still struggle. I pray for people, having come to saving faith in '81. I feel better when I sing hymns and spiritually songs =). I love God our Creator; I think He's awsome. =) This is alittle about me.
PrayingAnne PrayingAnne
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1 Response May 22, 2007

Wonderful story,<br />
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One of my Favorite movies of all time is "Tombstone". As I read your intro I instantly thought of a part in this movie. In the movie Kurt Russell Met up with Dana Delaney horse back riding. In their conversation with each other she asked him "Are you happy"? Kurt said "Yeah I'm happy, like most I guess. I mean I don't run around giggling like a fool all day".<br />
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Why i referred to this story is people like to believe they should have a running smile through out their lives. I think the good moments in life are moments we make. So you finding god to share your moments is what has worked best for you. I am happy you have found a way to enjoy your moments.