10 Years

it started when i was 15. my mother died from cancer when i was 19. i had a breakdown at 22. i had another one this year. people keep leaving me or get scared of my illness. im sick of being abandoned
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I totally feel your pain I am in the same way and it gets worse every day... I live overseas now but back home everyone abandoned me too they think I cant be helped and I think they are right their is no helping someone like me but it would be nice to at least have a understanding friend.

wow, you obviously have the tunnel vision indicative of your faith sharpened to an artform. good luck with that

Please see my story on this subject. It's on my profile page and titled, "I Was Foolish". I'll give you a heads-up right here... Jesus is your answer, as He was mine! Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about living the Christian life. David

hi david, i am buddhist, and i go to temple every now and then. Jesus may be your answer but after seeing first hand what christ has done in terms of destruction, death, and misery to 3rd world communities, i have strong convictions against your faith. please dont try to peddle it to me. thank you :)

"what christ has done in terms of destruction, death, and misery to 3rd world communities" I'm entirely on board with people making their own decisions for their own lives, I just like to see them do it based upon facts. Jesus is not the author of destruction, death, nor misery. The world in which we live is not what He planned for us. We have brought this on ourselves. In due time, Christ will return and make ALL THINGS NEW!!!! I can hardly wait. In the meantime, for a believer, the "all things new" has begun INSIDE us! Praise His precious name... Jesus!