My Battle With Dyslexia Which Causes Depression!

It's my mock exams, I have all the information in front of me & the revision starts. Time to switch on my brain, but I can't, can't memorise any of the information, can't absorb the words im reading. the blank feeling, brain fog & emptiness I feel. That was my earliest memories of my memory problems. I Couldn't remember people's names, names of places? It's the same now but worse, nearly 30 yrs on, knowing there was something wrong, something not working properly. I can't even remember what some of the consequences of my sometimes ridiculous actions could be by trusting the wrong people, doing a a job threatening action & loosing my job thus being trapped in a world of despair. Not finishing the things I start, unable to enjoy lengthy conversations with people? Feeling of being trapped in a bubble unable to enjoy education, reading, new words to comprehend & help me get on in this demanding life we live & work! One word gutted being in the capsule of Dyslexia! :-(
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Jan 6, 2013