I guess I am meant to be lonely... I don't think I'll ever find a boyfriend, except the one in my dreams. But... yeah. I am single irl, and never had sex. Yeah, I know you'll might think I'm stupid now, or say you want me bi... since I am straight and only like guys. I am sorry I don't like lesbians or other females, I like only guys and I love yaoi! Anyhow... I had to buy my own birthday cake too, since my dad was complaining. Also I need to buy my own presents, or I can just sit here and be depressed all the time. I mean, I will be depressed or sick on my birthday, since that always seems to happen. Anyhow... I guess I am just an ugly fat woman... that no one likes or cares about.
Vipy Vipy
26-30, F
3 Responses May 22, 2007

Thanks both of you. And yeah, I am sure I will meet the right guy one day, but I really hope so.

I would never think your stupid, Fat or anything you have just said about yourself. In fact I imagine you are friendly, wonderful women who has allot to offer. You shouldn't be hard on yourself. From reading your comment most of your emotions seem to be caught up with sex. Sex is an important issue with most people. I am sure in your case you feel a little betrayed that you haven't experienced it yet. I feel if you concentrate on it less and focus on other issues within your life it will happen. I am a true believer that there is a sombody out there for everyone. You just need to stumble on yours. It will happen and you won't even expect it.<br />
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Good luck

Im sorry u didnt have the perfect birthday you wanted! but you shouldnt be so hard on yourself! & your soulmate is out there somewhere maybe its not meant to have him right now