Please Not Again....

I used to be a funn. Beautiful girl who always laughed nd loved to smile now since I've started being bullied my life is a dark relentless place.they never stop.everyday I am called names like stupid **** ***** anorexic nd worthless I'm actually starting to believe this. I am here telling you thi. Because nobody else will listen nobody else cares I hate my life nd every day ate school is hell I'm cyber bullied as well as getting threats constantly that I'm going to be beat the **** out of tomorrow. Tomorrows monday nd I'm scared to go. I hav. Given up my faith in the lord but now I've got a wonderfulboy in my life who's helping me want to do better. I know things won't be fixed over night but I'm going to try nd straighten up. They say I have zero friends and that I'm a nerd nd it makes me cry like a littlebitch because Ilemy anger get thet best me someone please help....
pleasesavemelord pleasesavemelord
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I'll be your friend, I understand a lot of that. If you want send me a message and ill help the best I can.