Hey I Am Logan

My name is Logan and i'm a 14 year old girl. I am real athletic and I smile everyday and make sure I make everyone at school happy. I try to make people laugh all the time, but the thing is....I wish someone could make me happy. I wish someone would take the time to make sure im happy. I have been through my parents divorce, abuse from my mother , my bestfriend which is my older brother leave for the military, and people make fun of me all the time because I am different. I feel so broken inside now. I feel so lonely, like no one cares. so I cut. I cut deep. I make sure I bleed and I make sure I feel the pain, because I deserve it. Maybe if I was normal people wouldnt hate me. Maybe if I didnt have scars on my legs and arms, people wouldnt think im emo. maybe if i was them, or you, or anyone else in this damn world...people would like me. people would respect me. people would invite me over. people would talk to me at school. maybe if I would just die....people would notice me.
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NEVER give up! I know its hard, I speak from experience as I am being badly bullied at work at the moment. If you wanna chat just message me and I would be glad to chat, this goes for anyone else who reads this. Sometimes we I think it would be so easy to give up but I don't. Bullying has been happening on and off since I was 5. Irrespective try to continue forward and you will find those special friends.

add me .. we can talk.. pleaseplease I want to support you and let you know your not alone

I was in a similar situation not even a year ago. it's hard logan, i know how hard it is. to put on a fake smile for everybody, to hope somebody will notice your pain. you can get help though. i did and it's changed my life. you can talk to a school counselor, your parents, and if you don't feel comfortable with that please please talk to me. you deserve to be happy.

Hey Logan. Wow that was heart wrenching to read and I feel for you deeply. If you turned a mirror on me about 10 years I was in the same dark place. Obviously different lyrics but the same song. Echoing what missme153 said. If you ever need to talk...

I've been where you are. Or i have kinda anyways. ive cut, ive been bullied, i put on a fake smile and make sure everyone else is okay. Don't give up. Don't let them win by killing yourself. It's not worth it. If you need to talk, need a friend, I'm here for you. Send me a message sometime. I'll help the best I can.