The Escape

So, yet again, I sit here wallowing in my self-hatred, wishing to get better, but not wanting to. This is the feeling they talk about when they say you spiral down into depression. It’s like, you feel yourself slipping and you can see the emergency stop, but something paralyzes you so that you can’t reach it. And you don’t know what is keeping you still; you only know that you can’t move. So, you don’t even bother to try anymore. You’re slipping further and further, but you aren’t getting any closer to the ground. You’re stuck. Falling with no end. Why should I stay here in this infinite vortex? Why doesn’t anyone see me or notice I am gone? I need someone to save me because the only way I can save myself is to shut down. The solution that is branded in the mind of every 90’s kid: CTRL + ALT + DELETE
rch029 rch029
Jan 6, 2013