I'm getting to the point when I'm getting that "I don't care" attitude. My dad expects me to be someone I'm not. I can't live up to his expectations and I don't even see the point in trying. My dad and my brother get into massive fights every once and awhile. The last one was Christmas Eve at 5am when I was woken up to my brother being thrown our of the house and had to chase him down the street to get him to come back. The reason for the fight was that my brother did bad on his college finals. Now my dad is convinced that he can't make the "same mistakes" with me and is forcing me to study at the kitchen table and skip dance when I have a test. He doesn't realize that I cry at night at the thought of going to the school he FORCED me to go to. He doesn't realize how him and my brother not talking affects me mentally. I just feel emotionally drained constantly and I figure the best way to block out the world is to stop caring. So that's what I did.
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Jan 7, 2013