My Life

every day of my life iv never had eny thing the one person in my life (my sister)that cared was kidnaped i havent seen her since she was 10 now shes turning 12 i know its my falt i could of bin there for her i was out whith my adopted parents how treat me like **** but if i was whith her like i was sapose to be she mght still be whith me my life got wores after that the last person i may ever trust turened her back on me and wont even talk to me eny more i am going to see her tomarow what should i do to get her to talk to me agian cause i miss her and i need some one i can talk get my suicidle thoughts out and get help
kalebm kalebm
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

thank you iv actualy took that to heart i have some stuff to put up im gona do that

Sing for yourself . Not songs but mainly vowels with maybe a few consonants. Pour out your emotions into the music and help to cleanse your soul. It doesn't matter what you sound like; just pour out your heart in song.