No Name

Not been doing so good, saw the new year in alone really wasn’t the same without **** Clark. Been having problems since the 17 of December go see doctor on the 13th of Jan. Money problems are harder and harder to deal with health isn’t so hot been feeling very weak and tired, but hell I’m still moving which is a plus. On the minus side it’s getting easier to not do anything and to see no one, friends I guess I have one or two but at the end of the day they have there own lives and troubles to deal with. I’m kind of at a crossroad right now, I’ve tried to make things better and I’ve tried to find a lady who might care about me. But things are worse then ever and I haven’t found anyone and guess I won’t at this point. I live in a society that put’s a value on everything only to find that I have no value, Up ahead is a fork in the road one way says go a little further the other says long walk off short pier or catch last train to the coast or walk to the clearing in the forest.
Going to just sit and think about things like if hope as any chance or love or if there is nothing but more darkness and pain ahead.
I’m so tired so very tired.
nobody54 nobody54
61-65, M
Jan 8, 2013