I drink to make the pain go away people tink im a alcoholic but im just deprest im deprest cuz i miss him and im deprest that my hole life is turned upside down i love all my freinds and family more than they can imagin but sometime it becomes to much for me to handle it fisicaly hurts that he is gone i have so much guilt inside me i feel lik geting sick everywhere im a horrible human being im just damaged and i dont know if il be able to ever feel right again i miss him so much its been a year since september i dont no xxx
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If I bumped into you somewhere in this crazy world, saw your teary eyes and said, I know gorgeous...Take my hand, trust me...I will take it all away for you...Would you think I was weird or would you think I was fate?

If you believe in fate, email me...I'll listen until the blood stops flowing through my vains :)


I drink and nobody knows but I can't stop because it is the only way I feel normal

THANK YOU !!! Haha finally :)