Theres all kinds of pain. The pain you. Get when. You get cut the pain you. Get when. You see your friends. Cut but the worst kind of it is the kind we face all day. Depression. Even. The happiest people have it. I sat and listened. To my friends. Talk about everything. We'd all. Been through. And. When. We got to me. Hannah. Walked. Out the room. She and diego were. The ones who found me. After I tried to hang myself in the woods. The rope. Had broken. I layed there unconscious. For at least 3 hours. It was one of the many. Times I tried I always. Seemed to fail because. Something. Werid would. Happen. The rope broke because. A. Bird. Pecked it. I think. There ws something. Looking out for me. At a hospital I met kara she. Helped. Me for a month. We dated. For 3. I thought. She was then one. Then it happened we had been walking. In the woods when my foot. Got stuck in Hunters trap. She told me everything was over and ran off she left me to die there ...... just because of. What I am ..... before they decapitated me. I fell out when I woke up someone. Told me that an old woman. Had brought. Me there. I stayed there two days before they let me out. I went home. After that I. Did everything alone again. They only time id talk to my friends was lunch at school. I worked with one wolf who recommend. Me to get on a site. Maybe I could. Help other wolves. I didnt. Try at first but after. 5 months I diecided to do it in december. I found this site I joined I met wolves. Humans and a few. Know it alls. I joined a. Pack. And recently I left it Imet.Themost.amazinggirlever.We've. Been together. A week now. But it feels like ive known. Her for a while.
shininghope shininghope
18-21, M
Jan 12, 2013