When Will It Stop

I don't understand why I had to feel like this. Why doesn't it go away. I've tried almost everything... I think about death every night but something pulls me back. I still have a little bit of hope but it isn't enough. For once in my life I want to feel like someone really wants to be my friend and doesn't feel bad for me. I wish I could have more friends and feel pretty. I want to feel like I am some one and not look at my self in the mirror constantly asking who are you. I want this empty feeling to be gone forever. For once I want to smile. A true smile
elr9614 elr9614
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

If I bumped i into you somewhere in this crazy world, saw your teary eyes and said, I know gorgeous...Take my hand, trust me...I will take it all away for you...Would you think I was weird or would you think I was fate?

If you believe in fate, email me...I'll listen until the blood stops flowing through my vains :)