Can Somebody Help Me? Please

I can't take this anymore. Everything is going downhill. Nobody cares anymore. I can't seem to trust anyone. Nobody knows what's happening. I'm being buried alive by my problems. They increase everyday. Help please I can't take this anymore. I tried everything. I tried to stop listening to them but i just can't help listening to them and believing them.
CandyofSadness CandyofSadness
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

You need to take a deep breath and just say the hell with it for a little while. Screw it. Take a little break. But first can you take 10 min and explain who or what is it you are listening to? Please tell us a little more about the situation. I have found that I get extremely overwhelmed and many many little problems pile up and up and I have to run away or freak out. I have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and I have to work on it day by day. One thing that has really helped is talking or writing it out, and breaking things down into very very small steps. But we need to know more about your problems and what you have already tried, to really be able to offer some advice. I will be waiting....:)

hi :) I guess you could say that people talk about me behind my back. They start rumors and do everything in their power to destroy me. They told me that I was ugly,fat,worthless,stupid and everything else. i listen to my "cousins" most of all they hate me. i don't know why i listen to them. i just do. I tried to just be me (didn't work), I tried not listening but they only got more persuading, I tried standing up but they pushed me back down as always, I tried to just not bother but it's becoming harder and harder. I need help but no one seems to care any more there a way you can avoid these "cousins"? They sound horrible! Is there anyone you can tell or talk to where you live? Like parents or a doctor or counsellor or anyone?? That is abuse and is against the law. If you are getting suicidal please see a doctor!!!! and visit this website... it has helped me a few times.
No one should have to put up with that kind of **** is hard enough as it is....:)
as a last resort...can you move somewhere else? drastic but you are living thru hell so drastic is necessary. Keep posting and please talk to someone in person who can help you.

Have you tried getting an MRI to see if you have a pituitary tumor with cushings disease. I thought I had depression and I'm an alcoholic (8months sober now) and I'm going in to see if my tumor is growing so they can take it out.