Down Since Age 5

Ive been affected by oppression and depression since 5 a unhealthy home enviroment made me worry about small things like did I lock my bike and checked it 5 times before I'd let anyone go to bed. I had thoughts and dreams to harm myself. Depression then set in at 14 bad. At 15 I tried to commite suicide. I have PTSD and although I'm in my 40s i still battle those thoughts and voices.
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41-45, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Your story is a tough read. Nobody deserves to have lived such things. I presume you have tried all sorts of medication with not much improvement (like myself). Have you ever had the neurotransmitters tested from your brain? Any tests to rule our nutrional deficiencies which could be causing havoc in your thinking processes? There is plenty of hope if you have not looked into diet and nutrition to rectify chemical imbalances. Much love

Ive had every treatment except electo shock. I usually snap out of depression but I don't cope emotionally very well. I go to group and therapy and work very hard to stay functionable. Thankyou for your thoughts and suggestions.

Have you had orthomolecular or functional medicine treatmant? They try and get to the route cause. I was bipolar for 3 years, im receiving orthomolecular treatment at the moment and doing good. They found many nurional problems that were effecting my brain. As we put them right my brain heals. Modern heathcare models do not include diet, nutrition, naturopathy and herbalism as a treatment plan. Keep searching, the answer is out there!