Headed For Divorce, I Hope Not

I battle depression. I have been in denial for almost two years, but recently got a wake up call. My husband of 7 years (10 together) told me he wasn't happy. That was it, he wasn't happy. No reasons, no details, just that phrase. Right then and there it hit me, I better get this under control. I had been on medication for depression a few years earlier, but felt better so I stopped taking it. Big mistake! As soon as I started back on the medication, I started feeling better. Unfortunately, my husband didn't and still doesn't. I have been on it for about a month and have been happy again, he even says that it's like I'm my old self. So why doesn't he want my old self back? He says he's burnt out, he's had enough. I have begged and pleaded. We have a 4 year old daughter and I will do anything to keep life safe, calm and peaceful for her, but we are just confusing her more. I know I am to blame for this in part, but he doesn't even want to work at it anymore. Why does someone give up 10 years of their life without a fight, just when someone is getting whole again? I know I have to stay strong for my little girl, but everything inside of me wants to scream and run away. I don't even know how we will survive without him, my teacher's salary is not going to cut it. I'm scared to death and I feel like he doesn't even care anymore. When I say it will mess up our little girl, he says I'm wrong. I lived through divorce as a kid, I am messed up because of it. I was her age when it happened. My depression is a nightmare and I wish I never had it.
jaither jaither
Jan 13, 2013