Meaningless Existence

Why are we here? I know this question has been asked countless times in the time of our existence, and many religions say that they know the real answer. Science now has answers and explanations for things our ancestors have put off as the work of gods or magic. Despite whatever religion you were raised in, if you put the time and thought into researching the early beginnings of the universe you will figure out that an idea of a "god" is completely absurd. I know humans want meaning and will do anything, even to create meaning themselves if necessary. I see past this, I see that there is no real purpose of life or anything in that matter. Then what is the motivation? Am I the only one who thinks like this? I would like to hear from people with a similar thought process. p.s. If you are a religious nut who is going to hate on me over the internet for expressing my thoughts then you only further prove the point of humans' desperation for a purpose. There is no evidence at all, please think before devoting your entire life to something.
Seamoar Seamoar
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You are so correct! If there was no intelligent Creator, and everything came to be with a bang and then evolved further, we are just a cluster of molecules and have no meaning or purpose whatsoever. Looks like you may not get anyone to argue with you. Wish we could tell the whole planet that you have it figured out beyond a shadow of a doubt. It would save on so much future discussion.