Empathy, Caring And Love

Why do these three words seem to be such an alien concept to so many people? Think how different your own life would be if you had encountered more of these beliefs
instead of people being judgemental, selfish and cold, would you even still be suffering from depression now?

You don't have to agree with another persons beliefs, just accept their right to have them, if it doesn't interfere with your life what right do you have to say that they are wrong? Religion, Sexuality, Politics, Lifestyle choices, surely we all have the right to make our own choices without fear of scorn, judgement or ridicule?

A couple of years ago I stopped traffic when I saw a man fall heavily at the side of the road. I just stopped my car and got out to go and see if he was ok, much to the disgust of the drivers behind me. He was badly shaken and he had bashed his knee,however it transpired that he was lost having gotten off the train at the wrong stop. I ended up driving him 10 miles to the next connection so he could still make his daughters birthday.

It really is not so hard to be kind to people and to try and treat them as you would hope to be treated in their place. What goes around comes around ....................
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I so agree with you. We spend way too much time putting up walls and not nearly enough tearing them down. I have so much compassion but it seems to be a foreign thing to people. When you try to care about them they are often frightened by it. It hurts to care about someone and have them push you away because they are afraid.