She did she ended it. I never thought. Id feel pain again. I wascin school. ... the pain. Nearly shifted ... the teacher. Knew and she sent. Ne to the nurse. I. Began. To cry. I haven't. Cried. In so. Long. Some girl stopped. And helped. Me. She walked me to the nurse. The nurse. Sent. Me home .. when I got. Home I tryed. To. Kill. Myself. But couldn't. I shifted. I reapeatedly ran into. An electric. Fence. Hoping. The. Shocks. Would. Take the pain. Away I didnt ... my fur. Looks black. .
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Why would you do that? you know she cared a lot about you, she could have killed herself knowing someone she loved kill them selfs... She could do it now. she loves you still.

This is an old story. ... I no longer care about that person I care about someone that ive lost recently

Who was she?

Just a girl.

if you really cared about her, you would say just a girl. but what do i know? i've never been on love to know how it feels

...uve never been in love :(

I was with one person. He loved me and i loved him, but the longer we stayed together the more we could have killed each other. I still love him...But....I don't think he loves me anymore...

He does love u your the only person. He thinks about 24/7

well maybe he'll move to someone who's better. I'm nothing but a loser, who would wanna waste there time with me? i'm nothing. He should move on and fond someone he really loves and mom won't make them break up...

He loves u. He doesn't. Want to move on.

Your everything he wants. Everything he needs

what if its better for him?

Its not he would perfer to die with u then live without u


Dont cry hun. Its ok

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Awwwww, I'm srry *hugs*

Its ok

Ok, so is ur fur back to normal, cus that would suck, especially because I'm pure white wolf

Yea its bk and im glad it is

Ok, I was about to say that if it wasn't that's really suck.


yea ik lol

Yeah, so what color is you're wolf

My top coat is brown. My lower coar is black


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