Im looking for somebody to text with. I live in the US, so unless you want international fees, I would suggest you live here as well lol. Ummm, I'm looking for another girl, preferably between the ages of 14-18 or so, NOBODY looking for a romance or anything. I just want a friend, romance is way too 'fresh' still quite a please no bi girls or anything. I would like someone with time 'friend' right now has no time for me and won't make time for me...I've said 3 or 4 words through texting in the last 4 weeks, I haven't seen her in 3 months, and we haven't talked on the phone for a looong Im just asking for a texting buddy with time for me^.^ message me^ if you would be willing, or if you're too shy for that;), just gesture at me with a smile:)
AlyShine AlyShine
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I'm not girl but have been depressed and hurt and I have a lot time to listen if you want