My Life Story.

this is a true story of what has happened in the last ten years. i am now 15. this starts at well 3-4 because that is the earliest i can remember. I was the happiest child ever. I thought i had friends and a loving family. i was dead wring. i see that now. When I was 5 I was happy I thought I had friends and I did things for them like taking the blame of things I didn't do I laughed with them even though they where laughing at me. so at school i had kids who mocked me laughed at me. then at home where most kids who where having trouble at school would think it is safe was even worse. I have gay or had gay parents. the divorced last year. one didn't care a rats *** about me didn't even notice me. the other hit and even punched me. also kick. I had a sister who lied and stole from me and only me. she also convinced my parent that i did something when i hadn't. The brother where like you would thin well... one was. the other didn't know when to stop because he has autism. when he found something that bugged me he never ever stopped. for my entire life. the other was normal or as normal a brother can be he is very very very talented at drawing and convincing people anything. he punched and kicked me but he knew when to stop. he also took taekwondo (a fighting/ defense martial art.) classes and was a red belt. thats not bad thats one of the best. so nowhere i went was safe and god can i tell you stories. oh and the parent that hit me had autism as well. well as you can imagine my life didn't get better.
Now i should tell you about myself. i am 15 or closes enough. I and diagnosed with depression adhd and a whole lot of other things. I have a lot of problems. like i have a extremely hard time and this is realllllly embarrassing. i have a hard time controlling by bowls. i had a speech thing. and all the other stuff. I'm the works. as you can tell i made tons of spelling errors and grammar mistakes.
to be continued (maybe)

popeofspain popeofspain
Jan 16, 2013