No Solution ??

hi dear
i have been fed up living like this ..i am 23 year guy
i am really confused ..very very confused ..i have lost my confidence ..sometime i think that i cannot do anything mind just upset and upset and upset ....
every part of my life just screw up except one :)) ...even still when i am writing this now i am also confused that why i am writing this? dear just check me out
i wanted a healthy , true and romantic love life since last 7 years and still i am single ..i was always single in my life ..i face my own body and mind resistance ...and still facing ....i wanted a good life and still my condition is very bad i cannot read till long ...i feel that i am facing my all desires ..i tried hard i tried hard to get rid of my desires numbness and my every bad thinks but couldnot ... ....i wanted to do ...i think i cannot explain because i am not expressive .that"s reason why people think that i am very smiley guy but in real i don"t know ...i have nothing ...except fear and colourless life which have smiles with tears and pain ....and nothing else
adi769 adi769
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

it might help if you had a friend to talk to, someone who might get abit of who you are, then u dont have to pretend to them and then eventrully no more pretending because eventrully can turn into reality thats how i can only look at it.