The Black Hole

It's like I'm in a black hole. Like the life is slowly being sucked out Of me and all I can do is sit there and wait to die. It's like I am drowning in sea of my own thoughts and everyone is swimming around me while I can't even stay afloat. Its like looking into a mirror and not seeing a reflection. It's like that feeling you get when your
talking and get cut off like what you have to say is not important. It's like when your with friends and you stop walking but they don't even notice. The feeling in your tummy when the girls behind you are laughing.the sting in your eyes when you cry front of someone who hurt you. That is what my depression feels like. But this black hole seems never ending.
Butterflycutter Butterflycutter
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

what a pity! look, just believe in god everything is going to be ok, bad moments are covered by good ones.may god keep you away from depression!

I'm so sorry. It will pass though, and much better times are ahead!