Depression Is A Battle!

I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 1999. For some reason, placing a name with my situation was a great help to me. For someone like me, who had grown up hearing such things as "It's a sin to be depressed," and "being depressed is nothing more than self-pity," an actual medical diagnosis was a huge step toward understanding what's going on with me.

On my worst days, it's all I can do to force myself out of bed. Or I can't force myself to take care of basic everyday business, such as chores and even brushing my teeth regularly. Plus, the doctor told me that depression is often linked to headaches, which I suffer from every day. As much as I know that things need to be done, and as much as I *want* to do them, "the flesh is weak."

But, even as much as I battle internally, I also feel that I battle against the stigma of depression. No one has ever given me a condescending look of pity when I've mentioned that I take blood-pressure medication. Yet one mention of an antidepressant, and suddenly I'm told (among other things), "You don't really need that medication," or "You're just mentally weak," or "Maybe you wouldn't be like that if you hadn't turned your back on God." In the past, I might have responded with, "Unless you're a doctor, keep your uninformed opinion to yourself."

I would love it if there were less of a stigma with mental health problems. No depressed person chooses to be depressed, and I'm pretty sure none of us desire to remain in this fog. But the judgmental attitude of those who aren't depressed doesn't help. I never felt grateful or understood when people made the aforementioned comments to me. Rather, I felt misunderstood, hurt, looked down upon, and (yes) judged. My depression doesn't define me.

So here are things I think every depressed person should hear more of:

1. I may not know exactly what you're going through, but I'm here for you.
2. I'm your friend, and I care.
3. I love and appreciate you.
4. You are not alone.
5. How can I help you?
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Perhaps I am in a bad mood today lol, but the fact that people DARE to say such things to you makes me physically sick. Christians believe that they are experts on things they have no idea may not be worth even letting such people know...some do not want to be educated...while some are sincerely misinformed. Anytime anyone "shoulds" me I always ask "Why should I?" or I tell them "If you should on me, I'll should on you." But I have found it's easier to not mention just makes me too upset when they say stupid things :)

the 5 things u just listed couldnt of been any clearer , its so true and they are the words that u just want to hear from a friend