Just Another Low Feeling

Spaciously condensed always.
Inside this isolated box.
The walls covered with protruding needles.
They touch my skin but are too lackluster to pierce.
My lungs are filled with anxiety.
My chest is lead.
Something is coming.
Do I dare to stare at the sky above?
Of course I don’t.
But through the reflection of my hopes I see what I wish to unsee.
Now I know.
I wish I didn't.
The bomb shell is coming my way.
It gets closer.
I am trapped.
There is nowhere to run.
I don’t want to run.
I face fate.
My chest is swells up.
My chin points at the clouds.
I am ready.
It approaches me with great force.
I can feel the trembling magnitude of its resentment towards my very existence.
It hates me.
It wants nothing more but to end me.
It is here.
The earth below my feet… It is gone.
I am dead.
It’s always just me
No one else.
No one else.
I disserve this.
This is all I get.
This is all I get.
This is all I get.
Jaykew Jaykew
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Don't feel that this is all you get.