Love Really Hurts..

My ex, Alexis, who I am seriously still in love with. We broke up because something happened and it ended, it was bound to end soon anyway. But the way it ended sucked. I love her, more than the ******* world. I think about her 24/7. But last night, I heard she had sex with another guy. I stayed up all night fighting so hard to resist suicide. It broke my heart, I have always loved her and the thought of that makes me physically sick to my stomach. She was my first love, we were together for 2 years. Though im only 16, I know the love I had was real. I really just want to jump off a cliff, close my eyes, and say goodbye. All my life does is hurt me and I cant stay strong forever.
devinborne101 devinborne101
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

love sucks, but c'mon, you are 20 years old, don't think about suicide, listen to some heavy metal and get mad till you don't listen to and talking to nobody, but **** everything that makes you suffer, go straight to your way and go find someone else better then your ex.