A Little Bit Of Nothing

I have this abundince of empetyness inside me that I cant seem to shake. Its a numb feeling. Im just another nothing. A waste. Totally worthless. I dont care about anything anymore. Not about school, not about my apperence, I dont give a **** about myself, I dont care if I cut to deep, and I dont care about hiding the scars anymore. I dont see the point in trying or caring, the harsh reality is we were born to die and in 100 years time no one will know you even existed. And no one will care. Because we are all a little bit of nothing pretending to be something.
Butterflycutter Butterflycutter
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

No, you are my friend. That makes you more valuable than silver or gold. Rhodium, even. I hope that in 100 years that you have 100 descendants who come to visit their incredibly ancient great-great grandmother!