Imagine A Girl, Her Friend And A Man

Imagine a girl, a girl who this time last year was in chains in the black abyss of depression; a girl who had lived on sheer determination and will power alone for the last few years, a girl who had only survived so long on the belief that things could get better and on the will power to stay living. Imagine suddenly she gives up on that struggle, not for long, momentarily, for a day, not even a whole day, a few hours, just an evening. An evening where things look so bad, she doesn’t know how she’ll make it through until tomorrow. Imagine this girl, she’s smart, she knows she wants to make it through until tomorrow, because she knows things will be better, so this girl, she calls her friend. She tells her friend – who is already fully aware of the abyss that the girl has tried to claw her way out from for years – everything. So the friend comes over and watches the girl, she watches the girl and helps her through that one dreadful evening and the next day, they decide enough is enough. That girl and her friend embark on a mission, a positive mission, an amazing mission of recovery.

A little way along this journey, towards the exit of the tunnel, the girl meets a man. This man shows her passion and enthusiasm. Through his displays of eagerness to live he catalyzes her recovery. All of a sudden, that spark which she had recently been feeling, that spark of more than hope, of more than determination, that real spark of life that is starting to sparkle in her eyes again, suddenly explodes into a display of fireworks. It explodes into passion, enjoyment and zeal. All of a sudden that girl knows everything will be alright. The friend rejoices as she is so happy to see the girl smiling. But the friend warns the girl, the abyss is still there, it’s not going to just go away; the chains are not suddenly going to break free. The girl knows she still has a way to go and she tells the man of this. The man promises to carry her out of the woods that surround the abyss. He promises to help her get rid of the darkness that still scratches at her heart and soul.

The man and the girl, they have a wonderful time. It is not an easy time, but time can never always be easy. The man and the girl know that there are hurdles in life; they know that through communication, support and love they can overcome the bumps in the road. They have amazing days, they have good days, they have lazy days, they have grumpy days and occasionally they have bad days. But the girl, she knows that all these days are a mixture in life, she is just glad that she is experiencing them all instead of the black abyss that was the trudge of her life before.

So this man and this girl, they are going along. The girl is happy; she is content to know that she is improving and that the darkness recedes from inside her. She is happy that it has less of a grip and less of a sting each time it scratches at her soul. The man appears happy; she believes that he enjoys her company, that he too knows that she is improving and is just as excited as her to see the light overcome the darkness. She believes that she has helped him too. She has helped him to open up to someone, to see the benefits of being close to a person, to not have to hole everything up. She thinks that he enjoys sharing his passions with her and her with him as she discovers them anew. She thinks that they have great and exciting experiences together of all kinds. That life is an adventure with him and that she will never feel lonely again. The man continues to carry her through the woods, they get closer to the edge of the woods. Sometimes the man stumbles and so the girl walks holding his hand instead. Sometimes the girl trips and the man carries her through until she can walk again.

One day, the girl returns to a place that sometimes reminds her of the abyss that held her in chains for so long. She knows that it is not the place in which the abyss exists, so she seeks out heroes and champions. She finds people who will help release her completely from the chains of the abyss and she finds people who will help the man to carry her through the woods and people who will share the weight and give him a rest. She searches for people who can prevent him stumbling as he carries her, and help her to eventually walk on her own.

Then, out of the blue, the man puts her down. He tells her it is not the forest that they have tried to find their way out of. It is the joker who has played tricks on her mind who had her believing in the abyss. The joker has persuaded her that something better is possible and that the abyss was temporary.

The man has realised this. The man has started to take a different course without telling the girl. He has demanded that she walk and that he no longer wishes to carry her. He no longer wishes to hold her hand; he no longer wants to prevent her from falling. She has to do that herself. They continue on in a different direction. She no longer knows where he wants to take her. She no longer knows if he is helping her. She no longer knows where to go. She is suddenly lost and the man won’t explain. The dark of the forest is beginning to close in around her confusion and loneliness.

And now the man won’t even talk to her.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I don't know how to respond to this. But I'm sure of one thing: the girl is going to be alright.

I know it's hard. I'm in the same boat. Sometimes I feel worthless and not loved, but something in my head tells me not to give up on my life. It may take a long time for me to recover, but I'm getting there. I still cry, alone in my room and having no one else to talk to. No one knows that I feel this way. Whenever I'm at school or with my family, I smile because I don't want them to know about my situation. It's not about being fake, but being able to believe in myself that I can solve this. I pray to God and ask Him to help me through this, and I wish the girl would do the same. It actually helps to have a friend to share your problems with, unlike me who doesn't have anyone to talk to. I pray for the girl's fast recovery and that she may be able to look at this as part of her past that has taught her how to live on by being herself.