I'm Afraid This Is The End Of My Life

I'm 22, I've loved one man in my whole life, my first and last boyfriend, we broke up the last summer because I felt he didn't love me as much as I loved him and I couldn't stand that fact and I was right. I cried for months, then I was sad for months. Now I feel very weak, I'm afraid I'm going to dye from something or another, because my life doesn't make sense anymore and it scares me so much. I could fall sick ans dye easily simply because I don't really want to live. And also I keep thinking about joining my grand parents who died when I was young and that scares me too. All this because of a man who didn't deserve my love.
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i have been hurt that bad,,and felt real bad for some time,,,then I decided I am not going to let my past control who I am today,, and steal my joy,,,put it behind me ,and going to live my life to fullest enjoy life have some fun and meet someone new in the process,,,

Thank you, I will try and put all this behind me because I deserve to live and be happy and he is not a good person and doesn't deserve to be the cause of so much misery

I most certainly agree with you,,

Force yourself to start new things like dance lessons, driving lessons, gym membership, read books, occupy your time and it helps u get through each day.

Thank you, It's true that I do nothing of these things anymore !

I just had been through my first breakup and my boyfriend said the same exact thing.

I think there will be a brighter tomorrow. There has to be. Life is so damn hard, but we go through the worse and we grow.

I've learned that I Cried For You -Sarah Vaughan, explains it all. One day you'll find the a love that you deserve, completely. And he will be much truer than the last.

I hope there will be a brighter tomorrow ! Thank you !

Hey there! I have been there... I have been there a few times. I hate to be frank, but you'll be there again. I will say this, At my darkest point, which was awfully dark, I did not think tomorrow ever came to bring me something better.
Tomorrow finally came some substantial time later, and I have to say one thing to you:
"If he wasn't so awful to me, If I had never felt that dead inside... I really would not know what good is. I would have let this walk away..."
I am re-married now at 28. I suffered when I was younger, but the reward I have now is so worth every once of pain i felt.
You will see tomorrow. I promise you. I promise the pain goes away. You don't suffer for nothing, you will only feel good things that much stronger and love that much sweeter next time.
After all, how could "happy" have a place in the world with out sad?
Everyday gets brighter. You won't see it, but someday you'll realize that your happy again.
If you ever want to chat, let me know!

Thank you very much for your response, I really hope I will love someone again and he will really love me back and as you said my suffering is not for nothing ! I'll be glad to chat anytime ! Thanks again.