Im Battling Everything

I have ptsd anxiety and depression. When you yell at me or use repetition in mocking me, i curl up in a ball in a corner on the floor. I have to leave the situation, and if i cant leave i feel like im being attacked, u come too close and i will try to jump out a window. U stop me and close the window, i start screaming "u like this' go ahead and kill me" meanwhile ur wondering why u even brought up why i missed scared when u get mad u will be like him...
then when u leave cuz u cant take it. U cant take me not taking the medicine, drinking when im sad, not wanting to leave the house but locking u out when u wont stay inside with me. U treated me like a flower, and knew i was just a baby that was in pain. But u thought one day the fight of the past would be over, and i would be normal but the fact is im still fighting everything. And now im fighting you

sofiargiii sofiargiii
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013