Ups And Downs

I've dealt with depression years. I was very unhappy as a child, due to all the violence in my home. At thirteen i attempted suicide. I'm 35 now and i don't think i would ever attempt suicide again, but i struggle a lot. What sucks about depression is most of the time i don't know why Im depressed. It would be much easier to real with if i knew what i was depressed about then i could seek therapy. I guess i have a chemical imbalance. Depression tends to hit
me much
harder during
the winter
months. I have decided to quit smoking, but it's not helping with my depression, hopefully i don't committee any crimes during this process;)
heathersm3 heathersm3
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

By crime i mean go off the deep end because Im going through withdrawal! I can't sleep my stomach is cramping and IM irritable. I can't remember bits and pieces of my childhood and it scares me because what am i not remembering or trying to forget.