Never Enough? That's How I Feel

I sometimes sit & think.. Why?
Why would you tell me you loved me?
Why would you make me believe every little lie you told me?
You spent time with my family..
I sometimes sit & think
Was it me?
Was it my fault ?
Was it too easy..
Remembering every little detail ..
I loved you and all you did was use me..
You wanted her all along I was just the girl on the side .. I thought it was the other way around ... I was wrong
.. Never enough? That's how I feel...
Kayyluhh Kayyluhh
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I think sometimes our perception changes after a relationship. I don't know your situation, so I am not here to judge (god knows I made enough choices of my own), but I know that the young girl who ended things with me probably feels very much the same way, and won't listen to me telling her otherwise. Sometimes hurt in others, and others true feelings are easier to forget when things get clouded...if that makes any sense.