Is anyone out there? Anybody wanna talk?
AlyShine AlyShine
18-21, F
10 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Hey! I'm here if you ever wanna have someone to talk to... anything... we could talk about anything if you want to cuz I'm here if you want :)

add me? joo have privacy restrictions

Tried but it seems that u hav a privacy testriction? Maybe it's just me.. ill try again :-)

I've been there. If you ever need someone to vent with, I'm here to lend an ear. Could you add me so I could message you?

Message me anytime if you need to talk :) I have battled depression in the past.

I like to talk

I can always talk! (:

You have Privacy restrictions:(....add me please!:) then I can message you


Yous gonna add me Hun?

Message all ears. I would like to exchange stories? I need to have someone listen also.

I can't message you:/ you have privacy restrictions...

hey whats up ....i'm lance how are you?

Yes, yes, and yes lol...I cant seem to find anyone on here.

How are you feeling today AlyShine?


hey :)...
would love to