Vice, sin.
Scar tissue. 
Past, present,
no future. 
Haunting wind,
flowers dead. 
Blooming flowers of innocence killed.
Mourned but soon forgotten. 
Disease, addiction. 
Heart? Frozen. 
No longer love.
Given up quickly.
Lost in a sea of crime.
Relief passed around.
Everyday illegal wonderland. 
Escape to the unknown. 
Alissabella Alissabella
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I have battled depression myself. Its a world in itself that engulfs some, and its gravity is strong, but we can break free and reverse the grip.......hold on tight and wait for the light.


Very dark & deep. Many of us have turned to drugs etc. to cope in times like these. One of my close mates commited suicide after taking lsd when he wasn't ready for it. The only advice I can offer which won't seem dryly irrelevant is this: Keep on towards the better days, and trust that they will come.


Beautiful babe what got you so down? Life gonna always throw this at you being so strong what makes you so suitable to break all the sudden? I gotta know how are you so sure that only more worse is gonna come when your bound for an abundance of greatness at any moment.