Getting Strong

Good morning, i have been fighting depression most of my 62 years. I come from an alcoholic back ground, finally coming to understand where my dep. comes from. i was hospitalised 12-27-05 for clinical dep. I was terrified and several miles from my family, looking back it was a good thing because it gave me a true understanding of my problems, through psychoitry, counciling medication and a support group for adult children of alcoholics, i am getting stronger every day. I feel alive again, will continue on this journey out of the deep abyss of depression.HANG IN THERE
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61-65, F
5 Responses May 25, 2007

Hi godfree110158, What are you thinking about? This is a discussion about depression, not our political preferences. or our religious back ground. Thank You very much.

Have you ever noticed that religious people share your mental problems and some worse. Allow me to ask, you said you like Palin, is that because she believes that humans walked the earth the same time the dinosaurs did? Or do you just get off on a stupid woman having the limelight?<br />
In my years with EP I seem to find insane person after insane person preaching the word of Jesus, is this a prerequisite for Christianity?

Thank You, i continue taking care of myself and now soon to be 65 am learning to have fun!!, WOW!

Good for you, keep up the good fight. There will be rays of sunshine through those clouds. I have been there and I know. Just don't stop taking your meds!

Wow, you got to turn an experience that scared you into something that strengthened you. What a breakthrough. I'm glad there was a silver lining to your cloud and am happy you are on your way out of depression! Not a fun place to be for sure!