Know I Am Depressed But Cannot Face Help

I have had a good and bad life if that makes sense. Someday I will go into detail but I find it extremely hard to talk about my life experiences. I know I need therapy and counselling, I just cannot face it. I cant even talk to my boyfriend about myself, I just have conversations and thoughts in my head and drive myself cracked. I try, I say it all in my head and try to get the words out but I am physically not able.
I recognise my need for help, I am getting worse and worse and it is starting to come between my bf and I, I am isolating myself and losing friends. I just cannot do a thing about it. What do you do when the words are stuck in your head and no matter how hard I try they just stay there, tormenting me?? At my wits end (and my bf who wants to help but is at a loss). Can barely stand my behaviour any more.
xxMaisie xxMaisie
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

i just cant face the concept of having to sit and talk about myself. or the attention being on my own infront of a counsellor or whatever.