Depression And My New Marriage

Im now 24, my depression comes and goes. I come from a very strict disciplined Eastern European family. Ive been on at least 6 different types of anti depressants and anti anxiety and they never worked. Recently I got married and moved in with my husband. Though my husband and I rushed marriage, we've only known each other since September. Few days before I started spending time with my now husband, I was drugged and raped at my work. I have no recollection of it minus bits and pieces. Now I'm unemployed and with a high amount of debt. My party life had a generous amount of drugs involved, but I'm over and not attached to anything of that anymore. Now, I have episodes where I randomly ball into tears, I have irritability and everything ****** me off, down to bath water not being hot enough. It's affecting me husband and our marriage. We fight every other day. He shuts down and leaves the room and I end up crying all day to the point that any movement or any conversation will lead me into another episode. I love him and i want this to stop. I recently have been having this lump in my throat, it doesn't bother me, its bern there for about a week now. My doctors said its near the thyroid, but they threw asthma medications in my face. I've never had an imbalance result of thyroid levels but my sister had a nodule on her thyroid and got it removed. I'm going to a psychotherapist tomorrow morning.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

keep getting your thyroid levels checked, thyroid can cause depression.