Please understand that these are just my thoughts. I really want to thank you ladies for everything you do for us men. Thank you for having our babies, thank you for going though your monthly period, thank you for everything you add to our lifes. and most of all thank you for putting up with us males. I know you might get tired of hearing us say we want to be girls. Just please try to understand it's only because we think you females are so wonderful. It's not just a sexual thing to us. Yes, we males can make sex out of anything but please think about the following. Females get all the pretty colors for their clothes. If as a man you tried to wear some colors we would be laughed at by other males. You get all the soft materials to touch your bodies. I don't think that there is anything as nice feeling to wear as a dress or a skirt. You ladies are so beautiful with all the make-ups you get to use. Again males are not allowed to be beautiful. We males are not suppose to be sensitive but a lot of us males are. Males are not allowed to cry but we all know it does make us feel better. We are all born with some male and some female genes in us. The world accepts manly females more then it accepts feminine males. A lot of us males want to be feminine and want to show of our self. So, please don't think we are weird or strange, please try to understand and accept us. A lot of our wants, desires and sensitivities are the same as yours, just in different bodies.
Mohinikumari Mohinikumari
46-50, M
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Hi sweetheart Mohini, I am a wife of a man who feels that there is a woman trapped in his body. he is my husband and has produced two very beautiful kids for me. They are now entering teens. son 15 and daughter 13. but recently my husband has totally lost his manly sex powers and just cant perform in bed. he can only use his mouth to eat my ever wet ***** and recently started ******* my back hole. now he wants me to treat him like my "wife". he wants to wear my panties, nighties and make up when we are in our bedroom. he also told me his fantasy to have male lovers come to satisfy my sex in our bed in his presence and maybe share them with him. We have started some of this already and its working fine. So please remember you are not alone. Go ahead and follow your passion. If you wish we can help you and make you apart of our game as well. my husband would love to meet you and I will be happy to fulfill your wishes as well. Respond if you are interested. We are in Pune and live in a very high posh society. Love you darling. Urmila

urmila sister i m also cd..and want to meet u...add me plz

mohini kumari add me.. i m cd..and love to be ur friend

I need your help will u ?

yes dear i am full agree with you i am also cd and wearing girls dress and enjoying in doing so