Wanting To Quit My Nutball New Job But My Dad Won'T Let Me

So first of all, I live in a wacko little town that has too many people and not enough apartments or hotels...and if it did have enough, the rent is sky-high. So I am living with my parents and adult brother in a 2 bedroom apartment. Cramped. I sleep on an air mattress in the living room.
The worst part is my stupid family is so ADD, depressed, with anxiety and god knows what else.
I came home today from a crappy day at my new print shop job telling my dad I'd like to look for something else. He freaked out and told me basically I need to suffer for that $15 an hour.
God I hate that man sometimes. I hate people who are angry all the time and take out their problems on other people.
Maybe if i stick to this job I can make enough to move the ---- out. My god, if i'd have known it would be this hard to move back in with your parents I wouldn't have done it!
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Jan 24, 2013