It Is True.

I do not know where to begin.It is true though.Something that always felt wrong.I do not like to think about it.I feel it a lot of the time.I have good days and bad days of course but it never stays .I feel so extreme.I am really happy or really sad.I have had a harder time with depression in the past.As of right now I do not think it is so permanent .I feel a great love and passion for life some days.I have days where I can't stand the thought of even being a wake.It is weird .A bit difficult to explain.I just know this,I understand.I actually come from a family with depression.My great grandmother all the way down to my mother .There are things in life that are not always good but through these things there can be good.My great grandmother was so so so talented.I just actually wish I could spend a day in her home.I miss her a lot.Her home was so beautiful and cozy .She could draw ,write ,paint so much talent.She had a passion for expression and love.In which I feel the same way.I like to think that I can feel a bit of all emotions.So there for I can relate to people in so many ways.That is why I just love people.I can not say "oh i can not stand people" it's not true.I love people .I love to see them smile.It really touches my heart.So you see if with all the things I have felt about myself ,if I still feel a shimmer for love for myself.I know you can find that within yourself as well.I really encourage all people that reads this to view the glass half full even for a day and remember those thoughts when you feel like you don't even own a glass at all.I know I have felt that way before.Having these positive thoughts will help you get through this moment.It is only a moment that will pass.
Much love.Also ...If you feel the need to reach out to me on here please do so.I encourage you to greatly if you want to talk or have any questions .
decept decept
22-25, F
Jan 25, 2013