I Want The Happy Me Back*

Honestly, i cant tell you where i lost it. It must have been the heartbreak, the fake friends, closed doors to dreams or just pressure from growing up and fitting in. Am tired of trying to get people to understand me ,to laugh with me and share life. I know am a little choosy but i dont ask for much i only want the most expensive thing to human beings ,time. Am just asking for a little time to tell you how am feeling ,whats going on and what am up to. Well, guess its too much to ask. I have no outlet anymore just a huge pit in my heart where i store all this feelings of loneliness, nightmares and sadness. I want the old happy me back but she is just been locked up in a cell and its like i threw away the key. Am tired of this depression eating me up and worries of the future and if there ever will be someone to just understand love me the way i are.
Ashycy Ashycy
18-21, F
5 Responses Jan 26, 2013

I can totally relate. Between the big heartbreak I had and the trying to fit in growing up while surrounded by fake friends, I've entered a battle of trying to find myself as I struggle with depression and lack of true friends.

It sucks right its like you are always trying to discover something that aint there,,, thanks... sorry bout the break up

I know how you feel, I'm always up for chatting if you need someone :)

i will hit you up thanks,

No worries, I know how you feel, I've been through a lot of the stuff you mentioned, it's easier to talk to someone who has experienced it because most other people just judge and think your just down or lazy. So feel free to contact me about anything, anytime.

Sorry for the depression and all that you going through, I can b ur friend if u want to, i can't promise u the world, I can't promise u happiness, won't b there 4 u always, am from a poor background but I can b the person I can 4 u.

just a friend.. who can listen no worries i appreciate

I am with you. Wipe the depression please.

dear dont you worry you've gone through alot i dont blame your its just life its a rough road but i got your back.

thanks well, life is full of that...rough times thanks

Thanks for you story. I feel your longing.

I know it feels better when you know someone out there understands