last night i was talking to my parents and i told them that i was sufering from depression my mum said a few things , to try make out her life is the same so i told her 2 weeks ago that i tried ending u life, just so she could understand how bad i am, she got upset my dad was sitting across the room walked over to me and sat beside me, and asked for a hug i said no afraid that i hurt his feelings he put his arms round me and we hugged for an hour, my mum sat there still tears trickling down her face, today they asked me to come on holiday with them they think it will do me good, i hope so. maybe tellin the truth wasnt such a bad idea but things could still wrong.
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You have taken the first and probably hardest step. That is, admitting to yourself and telling people who care that you have a problem.
Try to enjoy the holiday. Dont be afraid to open up to them or let them love you. I know that for me, it has always been hard to let people care. Also dont be upset with them if they dont always seem to understand. Sometimes it can be very hard for those who dont have to deal with chronic depression to really comprehend what we're going through.

I'm happy for you that you told your parents and that they were compassionate. For a long time, my parents never understood my depression...especially when I was in highschool. They probably thought I was just crazy, rebellious teen. I remember my dad going off on me one day, ordering me to smile. I'm 35 now. Just this past year, my dad confessed to me that he has been battling depression in his life as well and is on medication now. He's changed a lot. Now we're very supportive of each other. It's a good feeling to be comforted and encouraged by your parents.

One of the most potent weapons you have against depression is to talk about it with someone who will listen. Your mom couldn't. Your dad did!